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Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office Products

All of the below publications are available as electronic files to purchase and download. Shop now!

*Excluding VOS and AVS.

How to Comply: SVO Filing Procedures Manual
This publication has been discontinued. Get up-to-date information in the "How to File Securities with the SVO" class. For more information, call 816-783-8200 or visit

Companion Products

Mutual Fund List and Bank List
These mutual funds and bond mutuals meet conditions in the Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC, qualifying them for more favorable reserve treatment. The Bank List meets credit standards specified for a variety of NAIC-approved purposes. Updated monthly.

MMF-ZS Mutual Fund List and Bank List $100.00* $110.00**

Companion Products

Purposes and Procedures Manual of the NAIC Investment Analysis Office
This publication is the primary source for insurers to comply with the NAIC's reporting requirements. Contains the NAIC's credit assessment methodologies and valuation policies, and takes precedence over other publications covering a number of categories. Subscription includes periodic e-mail alerts directly from the Capital Markets & Investment Analysis Office. Updated biannually.

SVO-PP Purposes and Procedures Manual (electronic)
View Table of Contents
  Purposes and Procedures Manual (hardcopy) $125.00* $140.00**

Companion Products

Valuations of Securities on CD-ROM
This publication lists more than 250,000 securities held by insurance companies with valuations to be used in those companies' annual statement. It contains listings of government and municipal bonds, plus corporate bonds and stocks. This product has been discontinued effective Jan. 1, 2013.

Update to 2010 VOS Ex Dividend File

VOS-ZK Non-AVS Subscribers $1630* $1800**
  AVS Subscribers $635* $700**

Companion Products

Automated Valuation Service
The Automated Valuation Service (AVS) is the fastest and most efficient way to obtain NAIC designation and pricing information about the securities in your portfolio. Drawing on the NAIC's Valuation of Securities (VOS) database, AVS is a Web-based application that also provides quarterly and year-end reports, and allows you to add or delete securities from your portfolio at any time. Unlimited access to NAIC Help Desk support is provided at no extra charge. For more information, please contact AVS Customer Service at 816.783.8300.

* Domestic Price ** International Price